We recently saw a Facebook group post with mums sharing their essential family camping packing lists and we thought we would share it so everyone can ensure they’ve got everything they need for the perfect family camping trip to Cedar Valley. 


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Essential Family Camping Packing List

Self inflating mattress – try Vango

The perfect pegs – hang everything you can 

Camping toilet for night time use!! 

Clothes line to hang towels up to dry

Flask to put boiled water into so you don’t have to warm up water for another cuppa

Water barrel with easy opener for hand washing

Camping tables and chairs 

Flip flops for showering

Hooded towels to walk kids to and from showers in – change in tent, no taking clothes to/from showers

Small camping stove, maybe one with a couple of rings. 

A proper pillow. 

Picnic mat, or something similar, to put just outside the tent. 

A windbreak to give a little privacy and protect you from wind, especially when you’re cooking

Some lanterns to hang up for light in the evenings

Plenty of fleecy blankets – it does get cold at night no matter how nice it is during the day. 

Toilet paper

Solar lights, torches, solar battery charger – Lots of torches/lights as they always seem to disappear when you need them.

Plastic crockery

Flip flops for showers

Wet wipes

Bin bags and loads of towels to dry the tent (and you) if it rains 

Buckets / spades / toys / games 

Booze, baileys /coffee/ hot chocolate, bottled water, air tight tubs for food.

Boxes to store everything in – they stack easily and keep everything dry!

Blankets/mat for under air beds! 

Extra bottles for water.

More tea towels than you think you will need.

Mozzie stuff 

Sun cream 


Hats (warm/cold) 

Camping South Downs Family Dogs Walkers

Have we missed anything?

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