Cedar Valley offers glamping and camping on the Bereleigh Estate in Hampshire. With lush farmland and magnificent valleys in the heart of the Meon Valley, the attraction of pristine, perfectly manicured fields for campers, and handsome Cedar clad cabins and a safari tent, decked out with chic interiors and all the modern conveniences, Cedar Valley has proven itself a hit. Within easy reach of both London and the South Coast, and unspoilt views over the South Downs, the site has become a buzzing hive of activity throughout the year.

The glamping collection at Cedar Valley includes four luxury cabins (Woodland, Cedars, Oaks and the Cowshed), as well as Betty the Bedford, a converted 1960s Bedford horsebox, and the Firs safari tent. Our two campsites, the Paddock and Meadows, are relaxed and spacious, and have beautiful surroundings.

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The Dell Hampshire Pizza Bar Cedar Valley

All our guests are welcome to enjoy The Dell – a retired school bus, vintage rice horsebox and safari tent which have been procured to service our guests with a pizza restaurant, bar and café. 

Nestled in a cluster of Beech trees and basking in the sunlight, Ricicle the rice horsebox is at the centre of our food offering churning out delicious wood-fired, sourdough pizzas, whilst under the canopy of the safari tent the Beech Bar serves Hampshire’s celebrated ales and ciders. 

Boycie the Bus has found a new lease of life, greeting our guests with locally sourced Moon Roast coffee and all manner of delicious sweet and savoury treats including homemade cakes, pastries and sausage rolls.

People flock to The Dell from far and wide through the Spring and Summer months, with the allure of delicious pizzas and drinks and a festival atmosphere, in a safe haven where kids can run wild and free.

About Us

Our Story

Jack’s upbringing on an arable farm in Hampshire made him aware of the importance of diversification as an alternative source of income for family run farms. He went on to pursue the subject at university and left brimming with ideas. Jack set out to create a business that attracts people to the family farm; thus Cedar Valley was born!

Together Jack and his wife Emily run three businesses on the farm; Cedar Valley, The Dell and The Kabin Company, which designs and builds bespoke, mobile kabins for Cedar Valley and businesses like it. Jack also revives vintage vehicles, giving them a second lease of life. The first of these was Betty the Bedford, a 1960s Bedford horsebox converted into a much loved rural retreat on the farm. Next came a remarkable double-decker bus, affectionately called Boycie which has now been procured to service our guests at The Dell with a café. The latest in the collection is Ricicle, a rice horsebox (aptly named) which was converted to contain a wood-fired oven that is used to churn out pizzas at the rate of knots at The Dell! Nestled in a group of majestic Beech trees directly facing the suns arc, this unique haven for all the family is open through the Spring and Summer months.


Since its inception in 2010, Cedar Valley has developed into a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers from near and far. Over the years a number of eye-catching accessions have found their place on the land. The first of these were a series of handsome safari tents, upstanding on large decks under the canopy of majestic Oak trees in the beautiful landscape. All but one of the safari tents have now been rehomed (one of which is now The Beech Bar at the Dell) but Firs still stands tall welcoming guests throughout the summer months. Next came Betty the Bedford, a 1960s Bedford horsebox converted into a much loved rural retreat. Cedar Valley has since gone from strength to strength, with the addition of luxury cabins (Woodland, Cedars, Oaks and the Cowshed) for guests, clad in cedar wood (a delightful scent), nestled on the edge of woodland with unspoiled perspectives over the South Downs. With the addition of our campsites (Paddock and Meadows) in perfectly manicured fields, the jigsaw is complete; there is something for everyone.

Our retreats are designed for those seeking simplicity and comfort, surrounded by nature, with breathtaking views and no interruptions. We offer that much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of life and hope to welcome you soon.